Open pit mines monitoring

Separate activity monitoring was conducted for various open pit mines in the US. Different technologies and analytical approaches were used by our experienced team of data scientists based on the goals and objectives of our clients.

For one group, we used interferograms, allowing us to see subsidence. For the second group, we used displacement map technology. For the third and final group, we used both.

DEM construction

DEM based on a pair of TerraSAR-X scenes
on the example of a fragment of Grand Canyon National Park, USA, Arizona

Source data: TerraSAR-X, StripMap, CoSAR InSAR pair (range x azimuth spacing, m: 1.36 x 1.84)

Interferogram and Coherence map

Open pit mines monitoring

January 21, 2017
December 29, 2017

Round Mountain Gold Mine, Nevada, USA

A comprehensive analysis of time-varying radar images allows you to get the activity sites of open pit mining. Major activity sites are represented in red (right image).