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Most SAR satellites worldwide have a limited capacity imaging time. EOS SAR is building a satellite with a much longer imaging time of up to 20 minutes per orbit.

EOS SAR satellite will be able to capture images day and night, regardless of clouds, smoke, or ash.

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    Why EOS SAR satellites?

    high resolution of SAR image

    Largest image size on the market in spotlight mode

    Current SAR companies offer a spotlight image area of 5x5 km. EOS SAR-1 satellite will become the unprecedented leader in imagery thanks to its capability of capturing a 5x20 km area at a resolution of 0.25x0.5 m.

    SAR image of urban area with resolution of 0.25 x 0.5m

    Truly high-resolution images

    Our images will have a resolution of 0.25 x 0.5m with the NESZ value (-25.7 dB) being one of the lowest available on the commercial market. This will open unparalleled opportunities for organizations worldwide.

    image of International Space Station captured by EOS SAR

    Current status - TRL 6

    EOS SAR has successfully captured high-resolution ISAR images in both stripmap & spotlight modes of the International Space Station using an in-house developed X-band SAR radar. At the moment, the multibeam SAR system is at TRL 6.

    Click to fold reflector
    deployed light-weight deployable reflector antenna
    stowed light-weight deployable reflector antenna

    Large deployable reflector antenna

    Excellent SAR performance is enabled by our in-house built large light-weight deployable antenna. This allows for achieving a much better image quality.

    Our current scope of services

    Where can SAR be applied?

    Industries where SAR can be applied

    High-Resolution SAR images have become game changers

    SAR satellite image with resolution of 0.5m
    satellite image with resolution of 1m
    satellite image with resolution of 5m
    satellite image with resolution of 10m