Advancing Earth observation for better decision making

We are developing SAR payloads

for a constellation of remote sensing satellites
Our goal is to provide high quality images and actionable analytics of any location on Earth!

Complete value chain — from Space to End User

  • Satellite sensors
  • Ground stations
  • Data processing & analytics
  • End user

Key Benefits of EOS SAR Satellite Payload

  • Capture anytime, day and night
  • Penetrate through clouds and sandstorms
  • Access any location on Earth
  • Fast revisit with the help of our sun synchronous (or mid-inclination) constellation in LEO
  • Gather rich information content (up to 25 cm per pixel)
  • Collect insights, together with our team of experienced data scientists

Main advantages of our SAR solution

Light-weight deployable reflector antenna
Multibeam operation enabling wide swath
High resolution down to 0.25m
Up to 20 min per orbit long imaging time
X- and/or S-bands constellation of dual-band satellites
Linear (X-band), Quad-pol (S-band)
200 kg satellite weight (50 kg SAR payload)
Interferometric mode for change detection and DEM profiling
Stripmap, Spotlight and ScanSAR modes modes
Combination of COTS, industrial, and space components used

Constellation of Optical and SAR satellites operating in tandem

  • Uncompromised access to any location on Earth
  • Rich image information enabled by multiband / multimode operation of Optical and SAR instruments
  • Sun-synchronous orbits
  • 6 optical satellites
  • 6 SAR satellites
  • 3 orbital planes

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