EOS SAR vision is to provide a widely accessible and affordable SAR and optical imagery of Earth surface together with appropriate analytic tools like LandViewer

This will grant individuals, businesses, and government agencies a detailed understanding of world-wide processes like crop ripening, logistics, transport, ice and snow dynamics, soil moisture changes, natural disasters (floods, earthquakes, volcanos), etc.

The existing EOS analytics experience combined with in-house SAR imagery will strengthen the competitive advantage and provide a powerful tool for addressing real-world business, government, and personal needs.

The primary application areas of EOS SAR products include but are not limited to:

Surveillance, monitoring of conflict areas

Monitoring logistics and military facilities in a timely manner; estimation of damage in conflict zones.

Investigation of snow and ice cover (cryosphere)

detection of ice and snow cover, glaciers, iceberg tracking, navigation of ships in arctic areas.


Crop conditions monitoring, crop classification and growth comparison, estimation of soil moisture

Monitoring of forests

Estimation of deforestation and forest fire damage, forest management and classification.

Resources monitoring, sustainability / ecology

Elevation profiles for mines, change detection after earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, ground subsidence, etc.

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